This site is all about travel photography,the aim of which is getting the experience and above all else the fun of photography and blogging.

I will be updating this site regularly, which I hope you will find informative fun and memorable.

I am going to be starting in and around the Southsea area.

Suzanne allen photography

Hello my name is Suzanne I'm 33 years old and I have a love for Photography.


The things that I enjoy about photography is the freedom of being outside,the unknown of what I might capture through a lens each day, it's just the excitement and buzz I get.

One of the biggest things I find with photography is you can tell so many stories through a photo it doesn't have to be one story it can be whatever an individuals interpretation of that photo is.

 In life we see people in many different guises.

No matter how we see people they all have the same guise of tunnel vision.

What I mean by that is, is their not seeing or interpreting everything that is around them.


A little secret for you all,  I was like that until a few years ago. I didn't take much notice of what was actually around me until I started looking through a lens and then looked the the resulting photos I then began to  realise there is so much to see and so much to interpret through the beauty that is photography.


I live in a place called Southsea in the UK. I moved here several years ago and i have come to realise that I haven't captured even half of this area where i live in it's beauty.


South parade pier